Cascia Talbert

Spring Laundry Stain Remover Challenge

How well does your favorite stain remover hold up? Spring is here and when the weather is warm what do your children like to do? If your kids are anything like mine they love going outside to play in the nice warm weather. In the beautiful outdoors kids pick up dirt, grime, mud and who […]

How to Chose the Right Daycare for your Child

Make sure you have plenty of time to set up your nursery. For Your Nursery advises that you “should start this process by the 20th week, or within the second trimester.” If you recently had your first baby you might be thinking about going back to work and finding a good quality daycare for your […]

End of Season Pool Care and Safety Tips

Now that the warm summer months are behind us for pool owners it is time to think about shutting the pool down for the winter. A lot of families have above ground pools. I was nedding a vacuum so I ended up getting this one for my above ground pool. Below are some steps you […]

Is Your Job Putting Your Pregnancy at Risk?

Pregnancy can be emotional, stressful, exciting and sometimes painful. You may become anxious and worry that normal work tasks may be harmful to you and your baby. Set all the anxieties aside. Pregnant women often can keep doing their normal jobs. But if your job requires a lot of heavy lifting, climbing, carrying or standing […]