Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D


Americans at Risk of Disease from Unscreened Migrants

Since 2005, Americans have been warned about microscopic border crossers carried in with refugees and illegal immigrants, bringing diseases previously eradicated or rarely seen here. When not simply ignored by media and health officials, physicians and others sounding the alarm have been attacked as xenophobes. Now we’re seeing these prescient predictions come true, most prominently in Germany, since 2015 when […]

Paul Ryan

Ryan Care: We Need Reform, Not Relabeling

“Drain The Swamp” is the metaphorical description of President Andrew Jackson’s 1828 campaign to rid Washington of cronyism and corruption. This metaphor has new meaning in 2017, intensified by the saga of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s failed American Health Care Act (AHCA). ObamaCare, ironically called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), has created a […]

Hillary’s Open Borders Bring Disease and Terrorism Risks

In normal times, presidential candidates in most countries make campaign promises to protect their citizens and ensure security and national sovereignty for their homelands. The 2016 election in the United States has, however, taken a strange and potentially deadly twist. As revealed by Wikileaks, the Democrat Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has pledged to work for […]

A “Basket of Deplorables” for Patients

In her recent interview on Israel Channel 2, Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said “I would say you can take Trump supporters and put them in two baskets–there are what I call the Deplorables, the racists, the haters…” In calling millions of Americans “deplorable,” Hillary set off a firestorm of controversy and protest on social […]