Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS

How to Get Your Children to Brush Their Teeth

  Does your child struggle with the everyday routine of tooth brushing? This is a common challenge that many parents and their children face. Yet, there are some simple ways to get them to develop a healthy oral care routine without an argument or having to call a timeout. In fact, once you your child […]

Transform Your Kids into Tooth Brushing Experts

  We teach our children from an early age to brush their teeth each and every day because it is vital to maintaining a healthy smile. While most parents are focused on just getting kids to brush their teeth; far fewer take the time to actually learn and teach their children proper dental hygiene and […]

Healthy Teeth

How to Ensure You and Your Family Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

From a baby’s first tooth to visits from the tooth fairy to twice yearly dental visits, and braces, childhood is filled with plenty of dental memories. To ensure healthy teeth for years to come it is vital for children to learn preventive dental care habits from a very early age. This includes brushing of course as […]