Dr. Paul Smolen

Exploring How Snacks Can Harm Kids (Pedcast)

Musical Introduction Thanks for stopping by DocSmo.com, where portable, practical pediatrics is our specialty! Our goal is to provide pediatric advice on your schedule, answering your questions on any topic concerning your children. Today, we will be talking about one of my personal pet peeves, how seemingly innocent snacking poses some serious consequences for your […]

Why Reading Aloud to Kids is Vital

Read Aloud Handbook By, Jim Trelease Penguin Books [display_podcast] Today I am going to bring you another in my book review series. The title of todays book, The Read Aloud Handbook: sounds really dull doesn’t it? But I am here to assure you that this book is anything by dull. It was written back in the […]

Interesting Conversations w/ Parents, March 2017 (Pedcast)

Voice Intro Welcome to another edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician. People call me Doc Smo. My patients bring up such interesting topics…so interesting that a few years ago, I started sharing some of them with my blog audience. I have to say that after […]

The Chickenpox/ Shingles Story (Pedcast)

Voice introduction I was having a discussion the other day with the mom of one of my patients. She was asking me why we vaccinate children against chickenpox; a disease that her mother told her was a benign mild childhood illness that doesn’t hurt kids.  Keep in mind that almost none of the parents of […]