Dr. T.K. Stone

The Two Sides of Health: Simplified

  Understanding our mind and body behaviors is life’s greatest challenge. The contemporary sciences explore the tip of a gigantic iceberg for doctors to theorize what’s below the surface. For all these historical years, life remains an under, an over and an inner world for our human state of affairs. Reasoned and written down, some […]

Modern Heavy Foods are Not Nature’s Light Watery Foods

  Heavy foods are the manufactured inflammatory “food-like” products of these contemporary times. They are not from our planet’s Creator and they are not from Mother Nature. The plants we eat have evolved, attesting to the millions of years in animal continuance. Today it takes a life and death situation, a serious chronic inflammatory disease, […]

A Toxic Reality: The Root Cause of Chronic Inflammation

    The evolutionary stories document a universal “natural intelligence” with billions of years existing, being on its own garden planet. Nature evolves and paradise is a constant, creating this DNA life on Earth. Within the planet’s true environments are the plants and animals of evolution, continuing in a physical harmony. A biochemical balance weighs […]

The Modern Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

  The anti-inflammatory lifestyle, it’s not Nature’s long existing planetary lifestyle. This modern lifestyle goes against all logical thinking. The body’s physiological “inflammatory” responses are the immune system functions; they are the stimulating actions into everyday physical insults. These “911 calls” are requests for assistance to a life and death emergency. Every biological moment generates […]