Dr. T.K. Stone

The Inflammation That Heals

  Do we want to be healthy and reverse a chronic unhealthy condition? First understand our body’s ability to heal itself through our innate physiology in a process called inflammation. Inflammation is the way our body maintains its integrity. When injured or harmed in any way, inflammation is the physical response to heal our tissues. […]

Mind/Body Chemistry 401

    Think of our physical body as a sovereign state with citizen cells, being the societal members of an organic republic. Each planetary cell has a purpose and works for the unity of all interdependent cells, living a genetic, evolutionary and environmental lifestyle. Communication between the cells is our body’s ever present moment. Every […]

The Nutrient Pools of Life

  This global involvement is about breathing, drinking, eating, moving, resting and being in sunlight. Each one of these variables is required, or a healthy life will not exist. Every moment we dive into a pool of nourishing liquid from morning till night, swimming the surfaces with our intelligence. Our brain craves energy and nutrients […]

Mother Nature Is A Minimalist

This environmental life is a genetic pathway for every physical being of our evolutionary world. The big biotic picture is simple to understand, when all else fails, read the directions. Mother Nature executes an inside and outside biochemical harmony, on land, in the air and under the seas, for our world’s anatomical, physiological and nutritional […]