Dr. T.K. Stone

Native Intelligence Is The Best Health Plan

    In some places it rains three hundred inches a year and other parts on the globe one inch. Life is abundant for the air, land and seas of Earth, not lacking in a single planetary requirement. From far out in cosmic space, the big picture of life includes our present material survival. A GPS […]

From A Distance Imagine Heaven Or Hell

Thoughts are powerful and words create tension. Can you imagine what heaven is like? Can you imagine what hell is like? We mortals may be the only animals to imagine. An imaginative mind blossoms from a base of contemporary observations; an artist paints something we recognize. The joys and pleasures of heaven are juxtaposed to […]

Mind/Body Chemistry 301

    This is the 64 million dollar question, which is a small amount to the billions of dollars spent on today’s medical treatments. In fact, when society is sick, these billions of dollars are spent on disease care, not health care. Does anyone believe a pill or a pharmaceutical drug is about a person’s […]

Get A Free Body Scan Of Our Natural State

A soulful sanitarium evaluates the conditions of our mind and body. Medical technology can’t compare with what is found by our own introspective self-healing. Close the eyes and freely use an imaginary scan to determine your well-being. Machines image right through us, taking pictures of our life. These recordings are single frame moments of where […]