Dr. T.K. Stone

Mind/Body Chemistry 201

A simple definition for chemistry is, substances produced by the planet or our universe. The etymological origin for the word “nature” is the word “physics,” which comes from the ancient Greek language; it means, “to grow.” Science investigates the two sides of matter; the physical of “who we are” and the ultimate mental question, “who […]

Seek First The Seventh Direction

    There are seven directions in life. We can travel the above and the below. We can turn to the left or to the right. We can move forwards or backwards. These six directions our mind chooses for our body to go. What is the seventh direction? It’s the “inner” direction. Close our eyes […]

Let There Be Light Is A Metaphor

    “And God said, Let there be light.” This is a metaphor, symbolizing universal love.  13.7 billion years ago, the “Big Bang” of science declares about our universe, “Let there be Nature”  and common sense reveals God and Nature are the same existence. This means, “Let there be Love” for light, God or Nature […]

Be 5% Body Fat And Eat Like An Elephant

  Nature’s creatures are the genetic, evolutionary and environmentally lean and healthy parts of our planet. The myths within us tell us about our departure from Eden. To live is good, spelling live backwards, the opposite of natural life is manufactured, which is evil. We keep choosing to eat from the “Tree of Knowledge.” This […]