Dr. T.K. Stone

Water: The Universal Solvent

Nothing is as “right as rain.” Being a native Californian, it’s our state’s unofficial motto. For a skier and snowboarder, I love when it rains; it means snow. Three-fourths of the planet is saltwater and three-fourths of our body is the same. Human’s mother’s milk is 87% water and Mother’s Nature’s foods are like that, […]

The New Straight Has Curves

I first became aware of posture when I was six years old. At dinner, my father angrily said, “Sit up straight.” I looked at him with curiosity and said, “Why aren’t you sitting up straight?” It wasn’t a happy ending; I never sat next to him again. A typical boy enjoyed all the sports. I […]

Nature’s Foods Come With A KISS

Nature’s ways are simple. She lives by the “KISS” rule, “keep it simple, simple.” Good digestion will give you good health. Will good health give you good digestion? It starts with infant nutrition and for millions of years, we had only one choice, or better two, our mother’s breast. Raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk is a […]

Good For Body Good For Mind

Where are we, when we are between two thoughts? The body is with its senses, present in every sound, sight, touch, smell and taste of our life. If our mind is there at these sensual moments, we are being whole, enjoying this beautiful natural world of intelligence and sensuality. If not, our minds are off […]