Dr. T.K. Stone

The Heuristic Life: Your Way To Health

Encourage yourself to learn, discover and understand living on Earth, solving the problems of modernity and its artificial tangential ways of surviving. Life is more fun when we are a little hungry and our body is thoroughly cleaned after each night’s fast. Few behaviors feel better than a good bowel movement (BM) to start the […]

To Breakfast, Or Not To Breakfast: That Is The Question

We are wildflowers in the meadows of life. So many plants, so many animals, all belong in God’s environmental bouquet. The colorful shapes of Nature breed miracles on Earth. These blossoming routines are timeless, making evolutionary movements in every moment. Surviving in cities, it’s hard to comprehend, surrounded by today’s artificial existence. We are one […]

My Favorite Oral Hygiene Technique Is Blotting

  I learned a toothbrush is all that’s needed to disrupt the sticky “plaque” on teeth. This weakly bonded microscopic compost is bacteria, growing on food remnants, packed between the teeth and into the gum line during chewing. Today 80% of the decay and gum diseases are found there. The other 20% is located on the […]

An Apple A Day Means More Than You Think

  As a dental student, I heard this story. There was a young professor from the University of Washington. He took his wife on a whirlwind tour of Europe. So many countries, so many restaurants, are the plans for a two-week summer vacation. Something he noticed in different countries and at different restaurants. At the […]