Dr. T.K. Stone

Probiotics Are Good Because Of Conbiotics

Probiotics are hanging out with conbiotics. One hundred and sixty years ago, microorganisms were not accused of causing disease. This word “cause” is an important understanding. What came first, the chicken or the egg? What came first, the environment or the germ? Everything is “good” and Nature has a purpose for every being, plant and […]

Evolution Then, Evilution Now

The human nation is a group of diverse people, planetary organisms considered part of an animal kingdom. We breathe, drink, eat, move, rest, sun and think with intelligence. These seven functions are required for life. Not the largest, nor the smallest of Nature’s creatures, one of many to survive life’s experiences. The microbe nation is […]

God Created Everything, It Is Very Good

  Gaze across an African savannah and see one hundred thousand different organisms. Animals are good for each other and their environment. Look at a square inch of any visible surface and visualize one hundred thousand different microorganisms. Germs are good for each other and their environment. Nature’s law is “harmony” for the plants and […]

Chewing Your Food Can Save Your Life

Horace Fletcher was a wealthy industrialist in the late 1800’s when his doctor gave him six months to live. Eating at his favorite restaurant, he noticed he ate very hurriedly, gobbling his food with little chewing. Thinking of his short time to live, he decided to relish every last second left in his life. Chewing […]