Lauren Tonge

Don't let Monster Mom ruin your day.

Monster Mom Strikes Again

I’ve been such a monster mom this morning. We’re talking weeping and gnashing of teeth before 7:30 a.m.  We’re talking the misery of some bedtimes, but instead we haven’t even had breakfast. We are talking tears in the car while I tried to pray kind of bad morning.  I should note the loud child kept […]

Kick Drama Out of Family Christmas This Year

     It’s Christmas! We are here to celebrate the arrival of King Jesus! What could wrong? Well…lots of things, actually.  Does part of you dread Christmas because of family drama? You love your family and celebrating, but gatherings create a space where lots of different people are together and that can….well…be breeding grounds for […]

Turn Off T.V. Jesus

Is that Jesus on your television? Do yourself a favor. Change the channel. I was reading the Beatitudes a few weeks ago and found myself well….bored. I prayed God, you are not boring, what am I missing? TV Jesus I realized I was reading this passage of Scripture with T.V. Jesus in my head. Do […]

Lies we believe…until today

The Plan I want you write down all the negative things you say about yourself.  Then, I want you to write down the things you didn’t want to put down on the list. These were the instructions I gave to a friend one afternoon. I would be stopping by her house in three days so […]