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Chiropractic And Protein Problems In Babies

When a baby arrives there is so much joy, but with all the joy and excitement comes an incredible responsibility to care for the helpless little child who has just started life. Nature has prepared well for the new arrival, and the new baby, usually within minutes of being born, begins to suckle mum’s breast. […]

UN Climate Change Report

UN CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT: Earth Warming, Glaciers Melting, Sea Levels Rising Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I have always believed that the whole climate change thing that the left promotes is a hoax.  Leading scientists and climatologists state that the world’s climate has been changing for centuries.  There is no proof that the actions of humans have caused it either. God created this beautiful earth and all the creatures on it […]

chronic pain

Half Billion Dollar Verdict against Johnson & Johnson from the perspective of Chronic Pain Patient Barby Ingle

It is extremely important to have opiates available for those in need and it’s not a simple matter of pharmaceutical companies being all bad and responsible for all bad things that happen to society. I am a chronic pain patient who has been mistreated, undertreated, overtreated and misdiagnosed by medical professionals and specialists through the […]


Recent Vaping Death makes FDA 3-year Plan for Youth Restrictions Feel like a Millennium How Much More Damage will be Done before the Fix Is In?

By Joshua Mansour, M.D. Despite the recent vaping death, the FDA is still allowing e-cigarette makers until 2022 to submit their plans for preventing underage access to their products.  But is that too late?  While e-cigarettes and vaping were initially intended to help adults quit smoking traditional cigarettes, they have managed to entice younger individuals […]