Hilary Thompson

Grateful Kids are Happier Kids

9 Ways to Instill Gratitude in Your Children

While it is developmentally appropriate for kids (especially younger ones) to be self-centered, it’s never too early to start teaching your children how to be grateful. There are many benefits to cultivating gratitude, including an increase in positive emotions, better recovery from stress, and healthier physical habits. Here are nine ways to teach your children […]

7 Things You Should Know About Your Child’s Anxiety

Anxiety can grab hold of kids at any point during their young lives, and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint its origins—your child might be a budding perfectionist, or have developed some concerns over self-esteem, or is nervous about succeeding later in life. Recognizing some specific types of anxiety, though, can lead parents to the best […]

10 Dangers in Your Home and What to Do About Them

Creating a safe home environment is your top priority. However, there are a number of serious health hazards that lurk around your home, including floods, fires, and choking hazards. Thankfully, there are a number of precautions you can take to eliminate these hazards and keep your family safe. Take a look at 10 common dangers […]

Why Owning a Pet is Good for the Whole Family

Bringing a pet into your family can be a big decision. You have to take into account how your children, spouse, and even grandparents will respond to it. Plus, pets can be a big responsibility; hiring a Pet Waste Cleanup company can help you alleviate some of your tasks. However, there are a number of […]