Joe Granat

6 Ways to Save Time in Your Day

Here’s something I’m sure you’ve heard before… “There just isn’t enough time in a day!!”  That’s right.  We all need 37 hour days in order to be productive because 24 hour days are so 1990.  We have emails to answer and meetings to attend.  Our Instagram feeds need to be updated and our followers are […]

FDA Gives Us a Sugar Allowance

Have you ever studied the nutrition label on the back of your favorite snack food?  Did you notice that sugar never has a daily value percentage next to it?  Coincidence?  Umm, probably not.  Well that could soon change.  According to the New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration will be placing guidelines on how […]

What Does Running Mean to You?

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Off the Rebound

We all fall off eventually, it’s almost inevitable.  Even elite athletes decide to binge on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s from time to time.  However, being that I’m not an elite athlete, I can only assume that’s what they do. But if I was, I would probably be guilty of that.  The point is, […]