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Pack a Nutritional Punch With These Back to School Lunch Foods

Pack a Nutritional Punch With These Back to School Lunch Foods

Try These Nutritious Back to School Lunch Foods Packing healthy options for back to school lunches can be more challenging than you planned for! Between balancing good nutrition, taste and portability needs, it’s easy to just resort to the standard PB&J with an apple or banana and chips. The good news is that portable, health […]

Boost Your Summer Travel with Bio-Kult Probiotics

  Sponsored by Bio-Kult Probiotics Summer travel usually means beaches, sun, sand, play and relaxation. It can also mean long car rides, delayed flights and less sleep, wreaking havoc on your immune system. Eating healthfully, drinking plenty of water and getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night can certainly keep you healthy and strong while […]

Choose the Best Probiotic for You

Choose the Best Probiotic For You

Originally Published on Lauren Minchen Nutrition Brand really does make a difference. Supplement brands are more and more plentiful these days, but are they all actually effective? And does it matter if I purchase a drug-store brand? And then, what’s the correct dosage? To give us some perspective, let me share some of the natural […]

Travel Healthy This 4th of July With These Portable Snacks

Travel Healthy This Summer With These Portable Snacks

It’s easy to find food when you’re traveling. Finding healthy and portable snacks is another story. If you’re looking for fast food, soda, chips and candy, you’re in luck! But I often find my clients frustrated with the lack of healthy munchies on the road. However, you don’t have to give into the pressure to […]