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benefits of learning a second language

7 Benefits Of Learning a Second Language In 2019

We’re living in a connected world today, and that isn’t going to change anytime in the future. Why shouldn’t we want to speak more languages so that we can communicate with the people we can now reach? Despite this, classes teaching foreign languages are becoming scarce. If the schools don’t think learning another language is […]

Work At Home Mom

Doing It All: How To Manage Your Productivity And Focus As A Work At Home Mom

Between diapers, dinner, and laundry, life is busy for any mom. Add in a business or job that you do from home and things can get downright crazy. Being a work at home mom can be overwhelming at times, especially when you have little ones to care for. Check out these ten fantastic productivity hacks […]

flying with kids

Secret Mom Hacks for Flying with Kids and Avoiding the Stress

We get it, you’re a seasoned traveler. You know exactly what time you need to leave your house to make it to the airport in time in order to check your bag, grab your coffee, and get settled at the gate. There’s nothing that could throw you off your game. Then next thing you know, […]

Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

Each new season comes with an array of fashion trends. This means you will have big fashion decisions to make throughout the year to stay fashionable. Should you invest in the new trending fashion design? Is the trending fashion worth buying? How much should you spend? Well, these questions can be overwhelming. When looking to […]