Mandy Skinner

The 12 Days of Fit-mas!

It is December, which is exciting because that means that is  the Christmas season!  In our house we have been having so much fun with (simple) holiday crafts, movies, baking, hot cocoa, and a little giving back to the community by donating toys.  It has really been a wonderful feeling! Many times we get so […]

The Hard Truth About Six Pack Abs

  Many people want them.  Those coveted slices down and across the abdomen.  So smooth, so lovely, so strong, so sexy.  What are they?  Six pack abs. Every so often, I hear someone say, “I could have a six pack if I just lost about (“X” amount of) pounds.  Well, that my be true for a select […]

Why I Love Lunges and You Should Too

I love lunges.  I love, love love them.  Well, actually, that is not true.  I do not love doing lunges as much as I love what lunges do for me.  And my rear end. True story.  One day I woke up and realized I was afflicted by “Mom Butt”.  You can learn more about that here, but […]

So You Want to Do a Pull-Up?

Remember the flexed arm hang in gym class?  Some girls could hang there for seconds, even minutes, but most of us would jump up, grit our teeth, and drop faster than Taylor Swift’s new single. Upper body strength is a weakness for so many women.  Perhaps it is because we are simply built that way, but I also […]