Rachel Ward

The Powerful Lens of Hope

Last Sunday all of my social media feeds were full of 9/11 remembrances.  They were beautiful, powerful words of hope and love. Hope for the future, love for those lost and their families.  The day, while understandably sad, was permeated by that hope and love.  It made a difficult day easier to bear. I’ve been […]

make your fall amazing

Five Ways to Make Your Fall Amazing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only because the kids are back in school. (Although, that is pretty great.) Fall is, by far, my favorite time of year.  I love, love, love the crisp morning and evenings.  Watching the nearby mountains transform from green to gold is incredible.   And do I even […]

Cold and Flu Season

Six Ways to Survive Flu Season

It’s always a struggle to survive flu season. There is something so incredibly heartbreaking about watching a baby or toddler suffer from the stomach flu.  They don’t know what is happening. It hurts and they can’t control it.  The look in their baby eyes, begging you to help, is so devastating as all you can […]