Rosie Moore

Standard Time and First Day of School

Most recently I was walking my son to school and noticed after I dropped him off how very hurried everyone was to drop off their precious little ones,  But something happened on the way back to the car,  parents and family members were all on their phone.  Some were texting and walking, others talking to someone, and […]

Having a Special Needs Child and a Visit to Disney World

  What is a Special Needs Child? Many times as a parent I am asked what is a special needs child, shouldn’t they have a physical handicap?  Many people look at a special needs child as a child that is misbehaved, impulsive, rude, and undisciplined by their parents, but the truth is, there is more […]

Quality of Life to Improve Mental Health

Healthy People 2020 is about promoting quality of life to improve mental health (Healthy People 2020, n.d.).   Many causes of mental health stem from family issues at home, but lately, I have seen cases caused by concerns that employees have from employers.  These days there are many companies buying smaller companies to make bigger corporations.  […]

How Do You Count Your Miracles

Do you ever stop and think about a time when you were pregnant in the hot and sticky month of August when it is 90 degrees in the shade and say to yourself, “I just want to get this baby out because I am uncomfortable in this heat?” Many times we have all said this I […]