Sheila Qualls

Learn to Wear Conflict Like You Wear Lingerie

What do a black lace teddy and conflict have in common? If you’re in either of them too long, they can creep into places they were never designed to go. And, when they do, uh. . . you’ve got more trouble than a little discomfort. Let me explain. I’ve had the unpleasant experience of wearing […]

Unintended Racism: How to Challenge Your Assumptions and Uncover the Root of Racism

“You didn’t sound Black over the phone.”  He was bold in his assumption, but I wasn’t surprised. I’d experienced similar reactions before. I was slightly amused by his bewilderment. He looked let down, like a man set up on a blind date with an ugly girl. As familiar as his reaction was, I was unsure […]

You’ll Never Guess What Happened to Me On An Airplane

As the plane took off, I turned my back and stared out the window, book in hand. That was airplane language for “Don’t bother me.” I’d planned to use the time on the plane to write. Evidently, the woman next to me didn’t speak airplane. She started talking to me. I didn’t want to encourage […]

“Hey Mom, I Hear That Fat Lady Peeing”

That’s what my kid said in a public restroom when he heard a woman relieving herself. I not only exited the restroom at the speed of light, but I also wanted to leave the country. Let me start at the beginning. We stood in a public restroom when a somewhat fluffy woman bolted through the door already […]