Sheila Qualls

This is the Most Missed Diagnosis That Could Be Destroying Your Life

I wasn’t suicidal, but death didn’t sound so bad. What was wrong with me? Tired. Depressed. A 40 lb.-weight gain in a year. Something was going on. I requested a copy of my blood work, did some research, then asked my doctor for a referral. He wasn’t happy. “Doctors are human, too,” he sighed, avoiding eye […]

This is Why Social Media Can Improve Your Marriage

Can social media can improve your marriage? I have yet to come across a marriage that resembles the Facebook version of life. I know mine doesn’t. But common terms used on Facebook are great reminders of important aspects of marriage and how we should treat our spouses. Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook […]

Nightmare at the 40 Winks Motel

Halfway into an 835-mile road trip with my five kids, my car caught fire. I was a young mom. It was rush hour on a Friday afternoon, and we were on the I-80 corridor between New Jersey and Michigan. My husband was somewhere over the Atlantic on his way to Europe. My car wasn’t supposed to […]

How to Write a Heartfelt Father’s Day Letter He’ll Never Forget

I’m a terrible gift giver. Gift giving is not one of my love languages, and I don’t like to shop. But, I do get great joy by giving someone I love something they love. A few years ago I started a tradition of letter writing to commemorate special events in our lives. Father’s Day is […]