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Approach the Holidays with Intention: Avoid Food Waste and Help the Planet

Fall is the time of year when we start thinking about upcoming holiday celebrations, and the beautiful, elaborate meals we’ll be preparing to share with family. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues plaguing the environment is food waste, which happens year-round—let alone during extravagant holiday meals and family celebrations, where we buy too much and […]

It’s Back-to-School Season—Time to Start Cooking with Your Kids!

Now that your kids are heading back to school, your biggest opportunity to spend time together is likely around the dinner table, when your family is home for the evening. This is typically the time parents also take advantage of hearing about their kids’ days, and what they’re learning in school. In addition to spending […]


Why You Should Add Phytonutrients to your Diet

Creating healthy, balanced meals for kids can be a challenge when there are so many food options to choose from.  But there’s a simple way to make sure that kids – and adults – are getting a healthy balance of nutrients… and the magic word is COLOR. Phytonutrients are natural compounds found in plant foods […]


Healthy Hydration Hacks

In the case of most adults, water makes up 60-70% of our body weight. Drinking water is vital for the proper function of virtually every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies is needed for proper digestion and delivery of nutrients to our cells and it also helps regulate body temperature. In addition, water acts […]