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Healthy Grilling

Avoid These Common Summer Food Safety Mistakes

Summertime is the time to enjoy eating “al fresco,” with family and friends at the beach, camping, or lakeside. But what many don’t realize among all that fun in the sun is that the chances of getting sick from contaminated food increases as the temperature rises. Registered dietitian Susan Bowerman, of Herbalife Nutrition, shares four […]


How Healthy is your Salad?

Did you know May is National Salad Month?  With winter officially behind us; the warmer temperatures typically bring an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, so it is the perfect time to start planning colorful, tasty and healthy meals. While a salad often seems like the right choice to keep us on track for our […]

Plant-Based Protein

Many consumers are looking for a more wholesome diet, which means they may try to include more vegetarian options into their weekly meals. Often, people who adopt this type of diet may focus on eliminating animal foods, but may not know how to get the most protein out of the plant foods they’re consuming. Plant […]

A Guide to Growing Healthy Food at Home

How to Achieve a Balanced Diet

Since March is National Nutrition Month, it is the perfect time to check-in on our New Year resolution progress and evaluate our healthy eating habits. Registered dietitian, Susan Bowerman, offers seven must-haves for a well-balanced diet to promote a lifetime of wellness: Protein– Your body is constantly assembling, breaking down and using protein, so it’s […]