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Does Green Tea Help You Avoid Cancer?

When people discuss the effects of green tea, they usually focus on its supposed cancer-fighting properties. The debate over this topic is often more about what the ingredients in green tea are and how they may not be beneficial than it is about whether green tea really does contain the antioxidants that have been claimed. […]

what does it mean when your body aches

What Does It Mean When Your Body Aches

We’ve all been there before. You wake up one morning to get ready for work when, all of a sudden, you realize you’re having a hard time moving. Your body aches and you’re not sure what exactly you did to make it hurt. One thing is for sure, you’re not looking forward to going about […]

how to plan a family vacation

There’s more to family vacations than just setting a budget. Keep reading for how to plan a family vacation: 5 key tips.

Family vacations are the perfect way to bond as a family and provide beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The importance of family vacations has proven to be some of the most memorable experiences of a child’s life. Knowing how to plan a family vacation will not only create a happier family but could […]

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Peace of Mind: Knowing Who Your Kids Are Around

Nothing gives us peace of mind more than knowing who our kids are around. As parents, it’s our responsibility to protect them from harm (as best as we can) which includes knowing the specifics about the people they interact with. Luckily, that peace of mind is easy to attain, as there are so many tools […]