Tammy Jones

Constipation Treatment Options

Constipation is an unpleasant condition where a person has infrequent or uncomfortable bowel movements. In general, a constipated person is deemed to be mildly constipated if, after passing stool, bowel movements only result in the passing of only very little amounts of dry, hard stool, typically less than three to five times a day. However, […]


Echinacea Benefits for Your Health

Echinacea is actually a group, or genus, of plant-like flowering plants in the coneflower family. The group Echinacea consists of five species, all native to Central and South America. The genus Echinacea contains ten subspecies, which are collectively called coneflower family. They are typically found only in central and southern North America, which they also […]

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

Environmental Design Inc. has reached 40 years experience in relocating really big trees, including the Eucalyptus tree which is a family of around seven hundred species, flowering trees, fragrant trees or shrubs in the mint family, Myrtleaceae. The scientific name for Eucalyptus tree is Epimedium and it is native to Australia and South Africa. Among […]

Does Green Tea Help You Avoid Cancer?

When people discuss the effects of green tea, they usually focus on its supposed cancer-fighting properties. The debate over this topic is often more about what the ingredients in green tea are and how they may not be beneficial than it is about whether green tea really does contain the antioxidants that have been claimed. […]