Tammy Jones

Does Green Tea Help You Avoid Cancer?

When people discuss the effects of green tea, they usually focus on its supposed cancer-fighting properties. The debate over this topic is often more about what the ingredients in green tea are and how they may not be beneficial than it is about whether green tea really does contain the antioxidants that have been claimed. […]

sinus infection

Home Remedies for a Sinus Infection

If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, it can be incredibly painful and irritating to deal with. You may also feel a lot of pressure and tension in your face. That’s why so many people suffer from chronic sinusitis problems over the years. Here are a few home remedies to help alleviate your sinus headache […]

leg cramps

Night Leg Cramps – Causes and Treatment Options

Leg cramps are common and have a wide range of symptoms including numbness, tingling, leg pain, leg cramps, and even more serious conditions like arthritis. Leg cramping is usually characterized by sharp, intense, involuntary, and sudden muscle contractions in the legs. It can be felt as a tightening or a clenching sensation. Leg cramp commonly […]


What Are Temporomandibular Joint Disorders?

TMJ problems lead to severe pain, swelling, and even locking of the jaw. The usual treatment for TMJ involves using anesthetics or painkillers. These treatments can have their downsides as well. In some extreme cases, the pain caused by TMJ disorder can only be relieved with invasive surgery. In most instances, the most effective treatments […]