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Signs That You Are Experiencing Excessive Fatigue

The two major symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are fatigue and sleepiness. Physical and mental fatigue can certainly occur together, but they usually occur together as well. When a person doesn’t get adequate rest, insomnia may occur, or if they simply have a lack of physical stimulation. The best way to treat fatigue is […]


Meningitis – Causes and Symptoms

Meningitis is a viral disease caused by a bacteria or virus. Viral meningitis is usually more prevalent, but bacterial meningitis is sometimes serious too. It may result in brain damage, death, or paralysis. Some forms of viral meningitis can be deadly. So, if you have meningitis, the goal is to keep it from complications. If […]

Living With Bipolar – How to Deal With Symptoms

Living With Bipolar – How to Deal With Symptoms Bipolar disorder is an abnormal mental health state that causes drastic changes in someone’s energy and mood. While anyone experiences mood swings and ups and downs, which are normal occurrences, and in some cases, there are more serious mood and behavior shifts which can seriously affect […]

potty training

Potty Training – Tips, and Advice

Potty Training  – Tips, and Advice Potty training is basically the procedure of teaching a child, especially an infant or young kid, to use the potty for elimination and bowel movements.  Traditionally, attitudes toward potty training haven’t varied much and can vary significantly across generations and even depending on demographics. In today’s culture, potty training […]