Tiffany Pratt

What is Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis is an uncommon medical condition which causes acute abdominal pain or discomfort. Acute pancreatitis refers to a condition in which the pancreas gets inflamed (swelled) within a short time of its inflammation. The pancreas is an extremely small gland, usually found behind the stomach, which plays a […]


What Causes Heartburn?

Heartburn is similar to the symptoms of a heart attack. Heartburn can be very painful if you do not take precautions to prevent it. Heartburn also feels similar to its name: a sharp burning sensation behind the breastbone, or sternum, in the center of your chest. You may also feel it down your throat as […]

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ

Millions of American adults are afflicted by constant facial pain, ranging from jaw pain to earaches or headaches. The source of these headaches and aches may be linked to either or both of two temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which are located below the upper mandible. The TMJ is located in the top of the jaw behind […]


What is Cellulose?

Many people have heard of cellulose. Cellulose is a fibrous organic substance with the exact composition of plant cell walls, and it is composed mainly of collagen, elastin, and polymer-like fibers. It is this structure that makes up our skin’s surface and makes it smooth, flexible, and wrinkle free. Cellulose can be found in both […]