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how to make slime without glue

How to Make Slime Without Glue

What kid doesn’t love slime? It’s sticky, icky, and tons of fun to play with. Most slime recipes call for glue or borax but if you don’t want those ingredients in your kid’s slime, then turn to one of these glue-free recipes. You can whip up some ooey-gooey slime with things that you probably already […]


I’m Drinking That?! 5 Common Water Contaminants and How to Avoid Them

Environmental Protection Agency rules require public notification of situations that could pose a health risk. Some cases mean issuing notices within 24 hours but others allow 30 days or even up to one year. Do you want to take a chance on waiting a month or up to a year to find out about problems […]

What to keep in your purse

What You Need to Have In Your Purse: 10 Purse Must Haves

A purse is more than a last-minute fashion accessory. Purses are portable storing spaces so that you can have everything you need on the go. Long commute? Equip yourself with a kindle. Got a cold? Store an endless supply of tissues at the ready. Before packing, decide on what you need so you don’t end […]

Makeup for Moms: The Top Makeup Essentials Every Mom Needs

In 2018 the U.S. beauty industry reached $18.8 billion in sales. With that much spent on beauty products, don’t you want to be sure you’re getting the best products available? However, when you’re a mom, it can often feel like you have no time to spend deciding what makeup products are best for you. Heck, […]