Tiffany Pratt


I’m Drinking That?! 5 Common Water Contaminants and How to Avoid Them

Environmental Protection Agency rules require public notification of situations that could pose a health risk. Some cases mean issuing notices within 24 hours but others allow 30 days or even up to one year. Do you want to take a chance on waiting a month or up to a year to find out about problems […]

What to keep in your purse

What You Need to Have In Your Purse: 10 Purse Must Haves

A purse is more than a last-minute fashion accessory. Purses are portable storing spaces so that you can have everything you need on the go. Long commute? Equip yourself with a kindle. Got a cold? Store an endless supply of tissues at the ready. Before packing, decide on what you need so you don’t end […]

Makeup for Moms: The Top Makeup Essentials Every Mom Needs

In 2018 the U.S. beauty industry reached $18.8 billion in sales. With that much spent on beauty products, don’t you want to be sure you’re getting the best products available? However, when you’re a mom, it can often feel like you have no time to spend deciding what makeup products are best for you. Heck, […]

how to look less tired

New Mom Woes: How to Look Less Tired When You’ve Gotten No Sleep

With a newborn, your daily schedule is often unpredictable. Between the middle of the night crying attacks and mom guilt, it can be pretty tricky to achieve a full night’s rest. Sometimes, sleeping for a full eight hours becomes a very distant memory for many new moms. The reality is, life doesn’t stop because you’ve […]