Tiffany Pratt

how to look less tired

New Mom Woes: How to Look Less Tired When You’ve Gotten No Sleep

With a newborn, your daily schedule is often unpredictable. Between the middle of the night crying attacks and mom guilt, it can be pretty tricky to achieve a full night’s rest. Sometimes, sleeping for a full eight hours becomes a very distant memory for many new moms. The reality is, life doesn’t stop because you’ve […]

summer 2019 fashion trends

Top Summer 2019 Fashion Trends: What to Shop For and Wear This Summer

Are you feeling overwhelmed by extra-long trend reports? We know you’re tired after clicking through never-ending slide shows of swimsuits and shoe shapes. It’s time to make your list of summer 2019 fashion trends a simple, easy, and resourceful one. Look no further! This guide is here to give you ideas of how to style […]