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My name is Jordynne and I am a 26 year old Canadian mom! I love writing, makeup, DIY, photography, fitness and the list goes on! I like to keep myself busy and I love trying new things. I created this blog to inspire or offer advice to people with similar interests as myself. I hope you all enjoy and leave a comment or a suggestion as what you’d like to see from my blog!

I had been wanting to start a blog for literally YEARS, so I finally did! The JWS is my initials, Jordynne Whitney Sharp. I came up with the name JWS Rant because I knew I wanted my name/initials tied into my blog somehow but I did not know what I wanted the main focus to be since my interests tend to be ALL over the place! So I came up with JWS Rant because it’s basically me blabbing or ranting about many different topics.

I knew I wanted to blog about a range of different topics and decided I did not really want a main topic on my site so I wouldn’t restrict myself. I hope the information and reads you find on my page are helpful!


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