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Single Parents Blogs

Baby Wishlist

Best baby care products guide for new mom’s.


I’m a single mother of two children who constantly test my patience! I’m also a part time college student, writer, blogger, author, wine lover and former military wife.

Momsy Life

Active mom of five looking to give and get any advice or comradery from others out there. My writing is a form of release for me, as well as an outlet for creativity.

On Your Own, But Never Alone.

My blog is a realistic look at single mommyhood and all the difficult, fun,suprising, stressful, beautiful, & heartbreaking stuff that comes with it.

Single Moms Staying Home

This is a website that is designed for single mothers who desire to be stay at home moms and work from home. This site also has lifestyle topics pertaining to single stay at home moms such as fashion, homemaking, cooking and parenting tips.

The Middle Cinnamon Roll

Used to be a concert pianist. Now a grateful single mom in a soul-sucking cubicle with too many hobbies.

About Trina Dye:
Writing my bio is like forming a hamburger patty that is loaded with the usual onions and spices, but also includes assorted fruits, nuts and hard candies. I prefer the word “medley” to “mutt.” I carry a couple of music degrees in my back pocket that I occasionally use to wipe down countertops or remove DNA from objects which may or may not incriminate me. (I actually tried cleaning my kitchen counter once with a sandwich and only realized its ineffectiveness when my eldest griped from the kitchen table about the sponge that randomly appeared on her plate.) I am overly-optimistic and too trusting (actual accusations). I cycle, hike, swim and scuba-dive (insert the parenthetical “sort of” after each activity). I am a progression and adventure devotee. First and foremost, though, I am a mom. A grateful and honored single mom. Here is where I will self-indulgently post observations, life experiences and stories of the children I bore (double entendre intended) that may amuse only me. I think I’m okay with that. (Not really. I want you to love me.) Enjoy.