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B is 4

B is 4 is a life and style website that shares life and style tips for home, fashion, beauty, food, travel, and family. We also collaborate with other brands to bring you product and service reviews, plus giveaways. Follow along on our adventures!


My name is Jordynne and I am a 26 year old Canadian mom! I love writing, makeup, DIY, photography, fitness and the list goes on! I like to keep myself busy and I love trying new things. I created this blog to inspire or offer advice to people with similar interests as myself. I hope you all enjoy and leave a comment or a suggestion as what you’d like to see from my blog!

I had been wanting to start a blog for literally YEARS, so I finally did! The JWS is my initials, Jordynne Whitney Sharp. I came up with the name JWS Rant because I knew I wanted my name/initials tied into my blog somehow but I did not know what I wanted the main focus to be since my interests tend to be ALL over the place! So I came up with JWS Rant because it’s basically me blabbing or ranting about many different topics.

I knew I wanted to blog about a range of different topics and decided I did not really want a main topic on my site so I wouldn’t restrict myself. I hope the information and reads you find on my page are helpful!

Tipsy Heelz

Tipsy Heelz is a blog on fashion, beauty, heels and lifestyle. I post on many things