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A Mother of All Trades

A girl trying to mom and step mom the best she can, while blending 5 children, finish school, find herself, and deal with her crazy mother-in-law!


I’m a single mother of two children who constantly test my patience! I’m also a part time college student, writer, blogger, author, wine lover and former military wife.

Mommy With a Mission

I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I am a wife and stay at home mother of two children, Leah and Jason. Frustration from my children’s frequent illnesses inspired me to make changes in their diet and lifestyle. After years of researching nutrition and holistic ways of treating my family, I realized that simple changes made a big difference. These diet and lifestyle changes resulted in healthier children. I started sharing my experience and results with my friends and family and through my blog, I hope to teach you something new and perhaps help you in some small way.

I am also a children’s book author and I consider myself a children’s holistic health advocate. My children inspired my first book, Tooth Ahoy!: Pirate Pete’s Voyage to Healthy Teeth as well as a series to follow. The series will feature more books following Pirate Pete and his crew and teach children to grow up healthy, happy, safe and responsible.

Momsy Life

Active mom of five looking to give and get any advice or comradery from others out there. My writing is a form of release for me, as well as an outlet for creativity.

One And Done

Humor posts every Mon, Wed and Fri after baby’s in bed (8 PM EST) on life with 1 husband, 1 kid + 1 cat. For Tue/Thu posts + extras: Follow + DM @oneanddoneblog on Twitter.

The Busy Mom Diary

A blog that shares parenting, pregnancy and life advice. I often write about my children and family struggles with mental health.

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