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Welcome to Thebabycarepedia.com! We’re here to help moms and dads raise happy and we give tips and help to their newborn baby .

Confessions of A Mother Runner

Running, fitness and healthy living blog. Meatless Monday link up each week with original vegetarian recipes that are healthy and family friendly. As A Moms Run This Town chap leader and Girls on The Run coach, I bring my own voice to inspire moms to be the healthiest version of themselves they can be and encouraging their families to live and active lifestyle.

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Fit and Fabulous Moms is the  place for busy moms like you to find fitness, health, and lifestyle information to help you live your best life.


My name is Jordynne and I am a 26 year old Canadian mom! I love writing, makeup, DIY, photography, fitness and the list goes on! I like to keep myself busy and I love trying new things. I created this blog to inspire or offer advice to people with similar interests as myself. I hope you all enjoy and leave a comment or a suggestion as what you’d like to see from my blog!

I had been wanting to start a blog for literally YEARS, so I finally did! The JWS is my initials, Jordynne Whitney Sharp. I came up with the name JWS Rant because I knew I wanted my name/initials tied into my blog somehow but I did not know what I wanted the main focus to be since my interests tend to be ALL over the place! So I came up with JWS Rant because it’s basically me blabbing or ranting about many different topics.

I knew I wanted to blog about a range of different topics and decided I did not really want a main topic on my site so I wouldn’t restrict myself. I hope the information and reads you find on my page are helpful!


A motherhood and lifestyle blog highlight everything about motherhood by a working mom and military spouse

The Healthy Suggestions

The healthy suggestions is committed to provide good articles with useful insights on nutrition, health, fitness and weight loss.

All our write-ups are well researched as well as are written by experts that are aware regarding the requirements of the people with one of the most perturbing body problem- obesity.

Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to, and the Catholic Faith