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Diaries of a Working Mommy

Empowering Moms to Live Their Best Life

Four Kids and a Farmhouse

I am a mother of four, balancing the daily life of having four children, while launching a new national company as a Marketing and Sales Director, all while staying happily married, and sane. I blogged for a long time and then stopped, and decided to get back into it. I just launched my website and am ecstatic about this “Not Your Typical Mom Blog”. My basic intent of my blog is to let all moms out there know it is okay, to not be perfect. We all have moments daily where we laugh and think to ourselves, “Is anyone else going through this?” The answer is YES! We are always so concerned with comparing our parenting skills with others, that we find ourselves second guessing our instincts. I add humor, a snarky undertone, and truth to my posts, because it is what really goes on in our house.

His Mine ‘N Ours
His Mine 'N Ours

A blog that follows my struggles raising decent human beings.

Life Around Me

Lifestyle of a mom, tips for parents, fashion, travel and much more.

Momming Is Hard

The internet is already full of beautiful perfect people with beautiful perfect families and beautiful perfect pinterest-worthy crafts.

So, if you are looking for paleo recipes, extravagant birthday parties, mason jar and pallet wood crafts (don’t even get me started on that crap), perfection, 6-pack abs, tips on how to ALWAYS have a clean home, mommy shaming, scrapbooking tips or weird-ass/”creative” recipes, look elsewhere.

This is where you’ll find things like messes, mistakes, encouragement, freedom from perfection, honest thoughts on being a mom of toddlers while growing a business, and just basic real life stuff.