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Brighter Day Counselling

I used to be a journalist before I retrained as a counsellor, so I love writing. I try to write blog articles that are useful and practical, and easily applied.

This fits in with my honest, refreshing and transparent approach to counselling, where we work collaboratively to help you get on top of what is troubling you.

Too often, there is a lot of secrecy around counselling techniques. Instead, I prefer to share approaches and strategies that I think would work – so that ultimately a client becomes their own counsellor.

I work mainly with women who for whatever reason, are finding life a bit of a struggle. I do also work with men to help them understand the women in their lives.

Some of the most common reasons people seek counselling include relationship issues, mothering, work/life balance problems, anxiety, depression, grief/loss to name but a few.

Commonly we get bogged down in how we “should” be doing things, rather than what suits us and our lives.

Women tend to put themselves at the back of the queue, and in times of stress, our self care tends to suffer.

As we are emphatic by nature, we also tend to minimise our needs and can try to keep going because that is what everyone else seems to be doing.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


Dr. Casale is a state and national award-winning educator who has authored two five-star parenting books. His jargon-free, parent-friendly books will inspire and encourage and inform parents about how to establish a culture of learning in their homes and guide their children to success in school and life.

Corter Moon

A fun-filled funny parenting blog by author Jennifer Corter, as she navigates the twisted world of parenting!

I’m a single mother of two children who constantly test my patience! I’m also a part time college student, writer, blogger, author, wine lover and former military wife.

Just Brennon

Brennon is an Illinois based, mom blogger currently exploring the United States in between trying to balance a normal family routine.