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All Members Please Read

Welcome to the new Healthy Moms Magazine community. We need your help and encourage your participation. In 2018 we are planning on growing this community and turning it into a place for mom bloggers to come and network, connect and share their blog content with the rest of the community. We want to help you increase your blog's visibility, page views, traffic and readers. But, we can not do this without you!

You are welcome to share links to your blog and individual blog posts within this forum. Then you can share the link to the hangout with your readers. This will bring traffic to your post in the hangout and traffic to your blog. We are all in this together and we want to help you build a better blog.

The more bloggers added to this community, the more traffic and readers we will all get. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

The Healthy Moms Magazine also has more opportunities for bloggers.

These include:


Featuring your blog in our blog directory found here:


Featuring articles written by you. These will be shared to our 52K social media followers. Visit to learn more.  Our mom bloggers also get product review opportunities with top brands.

The Healthy Moms Magazine also has an online book store and works with several clients who purchase our services. The demand is increasing and we need your help. Healthy Moms Mag affiliates earn 10% on all sales. Visit Affiliates to learn more.

Rules for the Hangout:

After logging in please update your profile and add a signature. You can do this by clicking on your picture at the upper right hand corner and clicking edit profile. Scroll down to edit your settings for the forum.

Please introduce yourself in the topic at the top of the Hangout titled "Welcome: Please Introduce Yourself." Start a new topic with your name as the title. You can then comment on other people's introductions to get to know each other.

You can start discussions in any of the other forums. In your discussion you are welcome to link to your blog or individual blog posts to gain more traffic. You are encouraged to share your forum topics on your blog and on social media. This will also give you extra exposure.

You are also encouraged to share our community on your blog and invite others to join. The more members, the more traffic you will gain to your website. You can also add a button to your blog. Button codes are found HERE.  We will be adding more in the near future.

Welcome to the Healthy Moms Magazine Community!

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