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America's Immigration Crisis


The crisis at our southern border is really bothering me.  Why are all these people coming to our country? It sickens me that they are using children as bait to be able to cross over. They believe that if they have a child with them they will just be released into the US and be free.  Do we need new laws to fix this?

Back around 1900 immigration from Europe peaked.  But we did things differently.  The people came to our country on big boats and they were processed at Ellis Island.  They had health checks and were immunized.  Then they were asked some questions about their skills.  The government decided where the immigrants went based on their skills.  Many times companies would pay the government to send them workers.

Today isn't much different. We have a roaring economy and there are jobs everywhere.  We also have a worker shortage.  Why can't the government today do the same thing that they did back in 1900? This would solve a lot of problems.