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Husband traveling for work


My husband has a job that has a heavy demand on travel. He's always traveled extensively, but it usually lasts for a few months and then he'll be home for a few months. This year, he left in February and is going to be traveling for at least the rest of the year, if not longer. He does come home late Saturday and is home all day on Sunday, but I'm starting to notice that this is taking a toll on our daughter. He does his best to split his Sunday time between her and household responsibilities, but she acts like it's never enough and then gets mad at him for not being available to her.

I don't really know what to do about this because this is our life. Making a career change may be an option down the road, but not in the immediate future. My relationship with him is just fine, but I'm worried about our daughter becoming more and more distant from him. Any suggestions?


That sounds like a tough situation! Does your daughter talk to him on the phone during the week? Allowing her to call him when she wants (within reason) might help to strengthen their bond. Also, if he isn't already, maybe he could plan something that will maximize their time together on Sundays. He could have her help with the household stuff, too, so that she's spending the whole day with him.