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4 Simple Tips to Make You Healthier Than Ever

In the age of the Obesity Epidemic, thousands of new diet fads coupled with an overload of health and fitness information, there are really only a few key tips you need to keep in mind to stay healthy and fit. If you Google “best health tips” you will get over 1.3 million results. How is […]

6 Kid’s Habits That You Didn’t Know Are Unhealthy

Kids’ day-to-day activities form habits that can affect their overall health. While most kid’s habits are considered a normal – even happy – part of childhood, parents who aim to raise fit and healthy individuals should watch out for eating, sleeping, and playing habits that are doing their children more harm than good. There is […]

The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

I am super excited to once again participate in The Ultimate Blog Party hosted by Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom. This year is the 8th year that they have held this event. Being a part of The Ultimate Blog Party is a great way to network and connect with other bloggers.  I […]

Best Health and Fitness Blogs for Moms

With millions of blogs online and thousands of health blogs claiming to provide the best health information for moms and families we chose a list of ten of our favorites.  These mom bloggers provide unique content in their individual style on health, and fitness. Each one of them deserves to be recognized. Top Ten Best […]