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Signs of Potty Training Readiness and Getting Started With Your Unique Child

Children all have different personalities and respond to potty training in their own unique way. Some kids need extra attention and lots of praise and rewards. While others just need a little encouragement. How do you know if your child is ready for potty training? According to Huggies Big Kid Central you should look for […]

Weekend Reflection – #47 Blogging, Family, Potty Training, and Spring Weather

Are you potty training your child? Join us every Tuesday for Potty Time Tuesdays a carnival of potty training parents sponsored by Healthy Moms.______________________________________________________________________________________ Grab the Weekend Reflection Code Wow, only five more weeks and I’ve been doing this meme for a whole year. A meme all by myself. What fun! Okay here is one […]

Potty Time Tuesday | Tips On How To Potty Train Your Child Quickly And Painlessly

Potty training is not easy. You have to look for signs of readiness in the child, which can be as early as 14 months but is usually a bit later. To start with, teach your child the importance of using the potty, referring to it in playful conversations, and making it part of your lives. […]

Potty Time Tuesday | How To Potty Train While Travelling

Whether you’re taking a short trip, going on vacation or just strolling around the mall over the weekend, your child’s potty training continues. Travelling with a child who is in the process of being potty trained can be overwhelming, and while it does have some challenges, you and your child can still continue the process. […]