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8 Early Signs of Pregnancy Exposed

Image Credit: If you are expecting a baby, one of your foremost concerns is how will you be able to know you are officially carrying someone else in your womb without taking a home pregnancy test or consulting a doctor. There is no definitive answer to this since every woman is different. Just like […]

What to Expect (from your skin) When You’re Expecting

Becoming a new mother means bringing a bundle of joy into the home.  For a woman’s body, it can also mean physical changes that prompt seemingly odd skin conditions that can be alarming if one does not understand the cause and solution. Dr. Rebecca Baxt is a Manhattan/New Jersey board certified Dermatologist who sees many […]

10 Best Pregnancy and Baby Blogs

+ Yesterday we visited some good friends and they are expecting their fourth child.  Conversations with the expectant mother reminded me of when we were expecting another baby.  We shared stories of our previous pregnancies and talked about her current pregnancy. She is due in about a month and is ready for her new arrival. […]

How to Sleep Better When Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time for women. Your body will go through lots of changes in order for your growing baby to thrive. Some of these changes might be uncomfortable and could lead to insomnia or other sleep issues. If you are having difficulty sleeping here are some tips to help you rest easier so […]