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35 Years of Experience
We have over 35 years of combined experience, helping victims get compensated.


No Fee. Unless We Win.
Unless our San Diego personal injury attorneys win your case, we never charge a fee. There are no upfront fees period.


We take on fewer clients, and get better results. We have recovered millions for our victims in San Diego.

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About Us

Farar & Lewis LLP, a San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm, is a boutique law firm, focused on helping victims get the compensation they deserve. We work 1:1 with each of our clients, providing concierge service and results. At Farar & Lewis - we believe that the best results happen, when a lawyer takes on fewer clients - and provides greater service, and pays more attention to fewer clients. This is our philosophy and everything we do revolves around this.

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Our Riverside Car Accident Lawyers Have Recovered Ten’s of Millions

Aggressive Representation In Your Time Of Need

Farar & Lewis LLP, of San Diego, is the premier San Diego personal injury law firm. We have worked for years, protecting the rights of the injured – and ensuring they get the most compensation possible, for their injuries – or the injuries of a loved one. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys fight for the right of our clients, in order to help them recover what they rightly deserve! With over 35 years of combined experience, and recognition by reputable organizations such as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Super Lawyers, Top Lawyers, and other noteworthy organizations, we are the best San Diego personal injury lawyers.

San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm Who Cares

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys fight on behalf of our clients, and leave no stone unturned to get you compensation. No matter how difficult your injury case is, – if you deserve compensation, we’ll do our best to make sure you get it. Our dedication and personal attention is what makes our personal injury lawyers the best in San Diego. We don’t let insurance companies in San Diego bully you – ever. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers have years of experience, reaching settlements, and when necessary, going to court and getting good results.

No Fees Unless We Win. Never Lost In The Shuffle.

We are a boutique Riverside car accident law firm – we take on fewer cases, because we believe in providing the best service possible to our clients. There are NO upfront fees, and if we don’t win your case – you don’t owe a penny.

As a leading San Diego personal injury law firm, we are dedicated to protecting the interests of victims of personal injuries in San Diego, regardless of how serious the injury. On a regular basis, we’re going toe-to-toe, with insurance companies, and getting our clients the highest settlements possible. We do things different, like replacing/repairing your vehicle, getting you compensation for your rental vehicle, and in addition getting you compensation for all medical bills. Our award winning team of physicians ensures you get the best medical care possible.


No Fee. Unless We Win

Our law firm operates on what is commonly known as, a contingency basis. This means we don’t charge any up front fees. We only charge a fee IF and WHEN we win your case. In the event we do not win, we do not charge a fee. Injuries often result in financial hardship to the victim, and his/her family. We believe that financial hardships shouldn’t make it so that you can’t afford to hire the lawyer you want. We work with clients, and never charge a penny unless we win. We front all the costs associated with your claim.

Regardless Of How Long It Takes – We Are Here

Every case is different. Not each case follows the exact steps we outlined above. Some complex cases can take a large amount of time, and in some instances – many years. If you’re a victim, you only get one opportunity to pursue a claim for your injuries. Picking the right injury attorney and trusting him/her is key, to getting the settlement you deserve.

We Come To You

Being injured shouldn’t mean you can’t get the legal representation you deserve. Because of your injuries, we understand that traveling can be difficult. In order to help you, we don’t require you to come to our office. We can offer a risk free consultation right over the phone. If you choose to work with us, one of our Riverside car accident lawyers can come to your home and sign you up. Whether it be your home, or the hospital, we can help.

Testimonials From Past Clients

Depending on the kind of injury you suffer, getting medical attention may not be a choice. In the event of personal injuries like slip and fall, you may not experience pain until a couple of weeks later. Your injuries may go undiagnosed until it’s too late. Consequently, it is essential that you get medical attention when possible.

This is a difficult question to answer. Determining the value of your personal injury case depends on a lot of factors. For example, how severe were your injuries, what is the insurance limit? Generally speaking, a case’s value is based on: past medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering. These five things together can help determine a case’s value. After this, things like evidence, testimony, and expert witnesses, come into play.

Every case is different. Not each case follows the exact steps we outlined above. Some complex cases can take a large amount of time, and in some instances – many years. If you’re a victim, you only get one opportunity to pursue a claim for your injuries. Picking the right San Diego personal injury attorney and trusting him/her is key, to getting the settlement you deserve.

Our San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys can Help you in getting the financial compensation you have the right to. We will be able to assist you to get financial settlement for a large number of things like: medical expenses, pain and suffering, damage to your property and more, and any other kind of losses you might have endured.

When you contact our personal injury law firm, one of our receptionists will transfer you to one of our lawyers, who will ask you a few questions regarding your potential claim. After this, we’ll schedule an appointment for a follow up interview, and to assist you to sign up. Our law firm is very flexible, and is willing to work around your work schedule. If it is inconvenient for you to come to our office, our personal injury attorneys are more than pleased to come to your house, your occupation, or even the hospital, to be able to meet you. After you sign up with us, one of our trial lawyers will get to work immediately building a case on your behalf.

Even though each customer differs, our personal injury lawyers approach each one with a very comprehensive| strategy. Our founding partners investigate,examine, and present, each fact in the best way possible. We work with medical professionals to be able to help prepare the strongest case possible. Our goal is to create the strongest case, when it’s time to present your case in front of a jury. Our objective is always to help you understand your legal rights, when you become a casualty of a personal injury. The founding partners at Farar & Lewis LLP have extensive expertise, settling and litigating personal injury claims.


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